Brain-Mind-Smarties Ambassadors (BMSA) Project

Team of Coaches


Bronze Award - (Foundation level)

  1. Formulate inquiry questions into knowing, researching and deepening understanding about human brain & mind development.
  2. Understand how different human brain parts function – e.g. how neurons connect, and the brain regions orchestrate to impact people’s emotion, memory, thinking, decisions & behaviour in different ways.
  3. Research and master logical “compare & contrast skills”, 5-senses data collecting technique to determine what are variety of foods, gross motor activities and habits that help build a healthy brain or optimize brain power.
  4. Develop metacognition skills and inquire into analyzing own memory and thinking skills with the SWOT model.
  5. Apply the knowledge and skills learned from 1, 2 & 3 to improve collaboration work plus challenge oneself in problem solving tasks.
  6. Apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the workshop to own contexts in school or at home. In addition, acquire preliminary understanding of video production to make a video diary (VLOG) using mobile phones displaying their mastery of brain health knowledge and habits.
  7. Completion of 90% attendance for 1-6 will be granted full-attendance certificate. Bronze medal and Certificate as Ambassador will be awarded through passing a 2 hours written and oral assessment.

Sliver Award - (Intermediate level)

1. Distinguish the basic core functions of the Left and Right hemispheres of human brain – mid-brain and cortical layers.
2. Identify the negative effects on the deregulation of the concentration, attention and relaxation brainwave abilities. Data interpretation and strategies for improving the above 3 aspects for peak performances.
3. Analyze own Left and Right brain functions and the status of own concentration, attention and relaxation level. Attempt design of training program/choose effective strategies for improvement.
4. Apply effective creative and critical thinking skills for diagnosing situations to achieve mindful decision making and master problem-solving techniques.
5. Develop inquisitive mind by posing cognitive challenging high-order questions for both metacognition and data gathering/quality communication.
6. Understand the basic concept and language of programming, the problem-solving model of engineering, as well as the correlation between artificial intelligence and the human brain.
7. Explore on 3 key musical aspects – the tempo, rhythm and melody composition, understand how music affects people’s emotions.
8. Apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the workshop to own contexts in school or at home.
9. Create short plays on the theme of “Brain Health” and master higher-level shooting and video production.
10. Effectively communicate findings, own insights and suggestions through written and oral presentation.
11. Completion of 90% attendance for 1-10 will be granted full-attendance certificate. Silver Medal and Certificate as Ambassador will be awarded through passing a final-task production assessment.

Gold Award - (Advanced level)

1. Apply effective semantic transformation strategies and techniques for cultivating high-order thinking to improve complex concepts mastery and ideas retrieval.
2. Delaying Gratification for Life-long achievements which is supported by brain research on Why and How such techniques enhance successes in future pursuits.
3. Advanced memory techniques, explore the importance of 4 memory-pathways application as well as how short-term memory can be effectively converted to long-term memory.
4. Advanced communicative or presentation skills to support structuring ideas with clear multi-lateral views and data analysis for both written and verbal reports with research findings or recommendations.
5. Explore the effectiveness in using a variety of thinking skills/ maps/ graphic organizers for enhancing own thinking – Bloom’s Taxomony; CoRT Thinking; Visual Thinking Organizers; etc.
6. Understand and Master how 6 core-brain neurotransmitters affect one’s learning and ways to naturally regulate them.
7. Understanding the function of harmony in music components and effects on brain states plus learning different techniques for composition and exploring more rhythmic patterns.
8. Master the basic concepts of Neurofeedback and explore various techniques to trigger brainwaves pattern for peak performance.
9. Understand the functions and principles of artificial intelligence with different structures.
10. Participate in training artificial intelligence and learn about the details that need to be paid attention to when training artificial intelligence and the human brain.
11. Learn how to use advanced camera equipment(DSLR camera / video tripod) to put theory that we learned from the Bronze and Silver award curriculum(including ISO/shutter speed/camera movement) into practice.
Acquire new skills such as aperture, color temperature and slow motion, combining with the prior knowledge to create a short film on the theme of ‘Neuroscience’ as a team.
12. Apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the workshop to own contexts in school or at home.
13. Completion of 90% attendance for 1-12 will be granted full-attendance certificate. Gold Medal and Certificate as Ambassador will be awarded through passing a 2 hours written and oral assessment, completing a final-task production and assisting in a BMSA planned activity that help increase the public awareness in Brain Health theme.

Bronze Award 2018-2021


Au Pak Man

Chan Sheung

Chan Ting Hei Danielle

Chow Tze Ching

De’eb Isabella Juliette Jacqueline

Ko Man Ying

Lam Chung Yee

Lee Jeston Chaz

Man Cheuk Wei

Ng Cheuk Laam

Ng Yuen Ching Crystal

Tse Zhena

Wong Pak Ho Jasper

Woo Yat Chin

Yung Marcus

(2021 May)















(Attendance Certificate)


(2021 August)

張灝弦    Arden Cheong

張灝天    Austyn Cheong

鄭皓澄    Valerie Cheng

錢雨謙    Rain Chin

林沛盈    Surene Lam

林沛祺    Jianki Lam

何炬輘    Calvin Ho

Silver Award 2021-2022

(2021 July)

何金澄    Sophie Ho

曾令堯    Rafa Tsang

(2022 Feb)

張灝弦    Arden Cheong

張灝天    Austyn Cheong

鄭皓澄    Valerie Cheng

樊卓希    Jayden Fan

(Attendance Certificate)

司徒宇喬  Abigail Seto

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