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Mr. Ricky Chan (MERM., MEd.) & Dr. Anson Chen (EdD) are the only 2 international recognized Brain-Based and Habits of Mind Trainers in Hong Kong since 2004, and The Institute of Brain and Mind Education (IBME) was founded in 2009 by them. Over the years till now, more than 8000 educators and over 20000 parents have been trained in the light of “Teaching with the Brain in Mind”, “Parenting with the Brain in Mind”, “ Thinking-Based Teaching” and “Habits of Mind” by them.

They’ve worked with different departments of Education Bureau, The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Baptist University, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, The Academy for Gifted Education, Primary schools, Secondary schools and Kindergartens.

The 1st International Brain and Mind Expo 2012 was held on 02-05 February 2012. Renowned experts in Brain-Based Learning, Brain Science, Habits of Mind, etc. and elites in the field of education and parents have been invited to participate in this pioneering event. The Expo provided cutting-edge information, development and intensive “Brain-Mind” training for school administrator/ leaders, teachers, parents and students, both locally and globally. The 2nd International Brain and Mind Expo 2015 was held on 30-31 January 2015. We will see you at 2018 for our 3rd International Brain and Mind Expo.

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Joint Campaign - 八達通產品及時尚飾物

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MiMetro 提供以下「正義聯盟」產品 :

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