Dr. Anson Chen (Principal & Head Coach) BMSA Project

Dr. Anson Chen (EdD)

  • Managing Director and Principal Trainer
  • Director of Research and Professional Support of Brain Quotient and Neurofeedback Technology Center (BQNF)
  • Principal Consultant of Brain Quotient and Neurofeedback Technology Center (BQNF)

(Cert. Ed., B Ed., M Ed. EdD) Anson completed the Doctor of Education Program offered by the University of Western Australia in September 2013. Her research and thesis is on Managing the Shift to Brain-Based Learning: Leaders’ and Teachers’ Experience in a Hong Kong Primary School.

Since 2007, she has worked as Education Consultant and Project Manager with different Hong Kong primary and secondary schools in adopting Brain-Based Learning, Habits of Mind and Thinking-Based Curriculum Design impacting teachers’ pedagogy and students’ learning.

She has been a frontline English Language teacher for over 16 years and taught classes ranging from Secondary 1-7 (St. Paul’s Convent School and Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary School). In 2002, she was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Government of the Special Administrative Region Education Department in Hong Kong as having attained Level 4 or above in the Language Proficiency Requirement for English Teacher. In 2004, she was awarded by the Hong Kong Baptist University as the 21st Century Thinking Teacher.

Since 2004, she and her husband have become the first teachers to be certified as International Brain-Based Trainer by Jensen Learning Cooperation and in 2007, Anson was recognized as a “Habits of Mind” Trainer in Hong Kong by Professor Arthur L. Costa, the founder of “Habits of Mind”.

She successfully completed “Neuroscience Basic Practitioner Training Courses” in 2012 recognized by Research Institute of Neuropsychological Science (Korea); Professional, Educational program in Clinical Biofeedback of Basic Instrumentation in 2013 and Clinical EEG Biofeedback in 2015 offered by the Biofeedback Resources International Corporation (USA); Professional Brain Quotient Analysis Training in 2014; Neurotrainer and NeuroCounselor of Neurofeedback in 2016 recognized by Research Institute of Jungshin Science(Korea)

International Recognition:

International Certified Brain-Based Trainer


International Certified Habits of Mind Trainer & Regional Afflilate (Hong Kong & China) of Institute for Habits of Mind


English Language Consultant, Project Manager and/or Staff Development Training on Integrating Brain-Based Pedagogy

2004-2006 Kwok Yat Wai College, Caritas St. Paul’s College

2007-2008 St. Stephen College

2007-2008 Chan Shu Kui Memorial School (1-year)

2008 The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)

2008-2012 MKMCF Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial College (4-year)

2009-2010 Lui Ming Choi Lutheran College (1-year)

2010-2012 Man Kiu College (2-year)

2012-2014 Tin Shui Wai Methodist College (2-year)

2007-2011 Creative Primary School (4-year)

2008-2009 Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division (1-year)

2008-2009 Chiu Yang Por Yen Primary School (1-year)

Brain-Based and Thinking-Based Students’ Program

2009-2015 The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education – Senior and Junior Workshop on Brain Based Learning: Empower Your Brain Workshop (7 years)

Brain-Based Learning and Habits of Mind Staff Development Trainings:


Media Appearance

She has appeared on various internet and radio station programs:

Hong Kong Education City 2016:


English ETV program 2007: Teacher Development Series – English Language Learning through Drama (time: 03:00-07:46)


2012 work with ATV for 2 episodes promoting brain health for children.

Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfHYcdVFAes

Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx-Aauaf2h4&feature=relmfu

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