Brain-Based School Certification - Silver Award

Creative Primary School (HK)

In Creative Primary School, we aimed to equip our student to face the challenges of the twentieth century increasingly globalized world. Our ultimate goal is to make our student enjoy learning, and make the learning process highly effective.

Student life at Creative Primary School is happy, positive and vibrant. Academic progress is suitably balanced with an extensive personal growth programmes aiming at educating the child in an all-rounded manner. Within our exceptionally caring and highly encouraging school environment, our ultimate objective is to help students to build their confidence and self-esteem as well as kindling their passion for learning and developing a positive outlook to life.

We are a progressing, forward-thinking school. Our curriculum integrates the best of both western and Chinese educational ideals. This has provided us a rather distinctive position in local education spectrum.

What makes our school even more special is our teachers’ passion for education and the exceptionally strong sense of commitment to care for the well-being of our students, and also the strong sense of belonging of students to the school.

Our success depends ultimately on the vital ingredient, positive human relationships to take us further, going from good to great.

Joint Campaign - 八達通產品及時尚飾物

MiMetro Jewelry 提供一系列嶄新、時尚、別具玩味並可隨意互換的配飾、鎖匙扣等,完美配合顧客每天不同的衣著和心情。 配飾可單獨配帶, 也可發揮創意, 與手袋甚至其他產品襯托使用。 MiMetro 八達通配飾是正式被授權認可的 《成人八達通產品》, 透過 MiMetro 產品系列顧客可感受到全新並時尚的消費體驗。 詳情 : 在 MiMetro 配飾的生產過程中, 我們加入了多種物料以提升設計及獨特性, 包括不銹鋼、醋酸纖維、皮革、牛仔布、水晶、貝母, 等等。 大膽使用不同的物料, 大大提高 MiMetro 配飾的可玩性。

MiMetro 提供以下「正義聯盟」產品 :

  • 「正義聯盟」系列八達通
  • 「正義聯盟」系列超人及蝙蝠俠公仔皮套

MiMetro 提供以下時尚掛飾產品 :

  • 八達通掛飾
  • 流蘇飾物
  • 頸鏈掛飾


15/F, Block B, Tung Chong Factory Building, 653~659 King’s Road, Hong Kong