Brain-Based School Certification - Silver Award

Creative Primary School (HK)

Years of Silver Award:

 2018-2022, 2023-2024

Creative Primary School 

Brain-Based Teaching Strategies And Sharing


Brain-based Learning (BBL) is a theory of teaching and learning strategies based scientifically on the latest neurological research on human brain development and functioning, and, how they are related and affected by different external environments. Related teaching and learning strategies are developed and deployed to enhance our approach to teaching.

During classes, students’ state of mind is regularly monitored, while the contents of which students are expected to learn are also taken into account. Teachers then deploy different brain-based strategies to enhance students’ engagement in classrooms and their learning effectiveness.

In 2005, 10 teachers were enrolled in a three-year “Brain-based trainer pilot program”. With the positive outcomes of the pilot scheme in the first year, the school then implemented brain-based learning strategy across the school and organized training workshops for all teachers. In addition, different themes and forms of seminars were organised for parents to understand more about Brain-based learning and students handbook were re-edited to help students understand how their own brains function, and let teachers and parents understand more about the theory and practices of BBL. In the past few years, the development and implementation of our BBL strategies in the school has brought about very positive improvements in students’ learning and engagement.

Creative Primary School will continue to enhance our teaching effectiveness through BBL in the future and shall play a significant part in promoting its theory and practices across more schools in Hong Kong.

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