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Our Team

Dr. Anson Chen (EdD)

  • Managing Director and Principal Trainer
  • Director of Research and Professional Support of Brain Quotient and Neurofeedback Technology Center (BQNF)
  • Principal Consultant of Brain Quotient and Neurofeedback Technology Center (BQNF)


(Cert. Ed., B Ed., M Ed. EdD) Anson completed the Doctor of Education Program offered by the University of Western Australia in September 2013. Her research and thesis is on Managing the Shift to Brain-Based Learning: Leaders’ and Teachers’ Experience in a Hong Kong Primary School.


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Ricky Chan (MERM., MEd.)

  • Chief Advisor
  • Director of Training & Principal Trainer

Ricky was awarded the master degree of Education and the master degree of Educational Research Method by the University of Western Australia. He is the Chairman of the Association of Brain-based Learning in Education  Read more

Carol Wong

Chief Executive Assistant

Ms. Carol Wong graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Contemporary Dance Choreography and Pedagogy.  Read more

Veana Man

Executive Assistant

Ms. Veana Man is an undergraduate of Hang Seng Management College’s Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science and Business Intelligence. Read more

Louise Sin

Louise Sin

Pharmacist Team Leader

Ms. Louise Sin is a graduate of the Bachelor of Pharmacy in Monash University. She practices as a pharmacist since 2015 and currently working in a community pharmacy in Melbourne, Australia. In order to gear herself up with the most updated knowledge together with a certain area of specialties, Read more

Cherie Tam

Newsletter Graphic Designer

Ms. Cherie Tam is a graphic designer based in Hong Kong. She designs logos, brochures, banners, magazine, edm, report, newsletter and everything in between. She has collaborated with many clients to produce successfully design work. Cherie loves her work and enjoy each new project as she gets it.

Kenny Chan

Video Production Director

 He is a graduate of the Higher Diploma of Creative Film Production in the Hong Kong Baptist University. Currently works at an advertising company as production assistant.

Cody Chan

Music and Melody Producer

He is an undergraduate of the Associated Degree of Music Studies in the Hong Kong Baptist University. He participated in piano performances in the Hong Kong City Hall and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.


Ian Chan

Website Designer

Mr Ian Chan is the Chief Information Officer of H&J Media (Former company: dayDream Media). He has created multiple websites for clients and gained high standard innovative representations in his work.


Amanda Ng

Executive Assistant

Ms Amanda Ng is an undergraduate of the Bachelor of Social Science in Public Policy and Politics (Housing and urban studies stream) in City University of Hong Kong. Read more

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15/F, Block B, Tung Chong Factory Building, 653~659 King’s Road, Hong Kong