Teachers’ Certification

Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Teacher Certification (Valid from 2018-12-01 to 2020-12-31)

Creative Primary School

Sarah Chan


Kam Wai Yan


Lok Wing Yee, Winnie


Wong Wing Ying, Hades

St Matthias' Church Chiu Chun Kindergarten

Cheng Lai Ling


Chan Wing Yee


Law Suet Ngan



Chan Ching Yi


Chan Chui Han


Judy Fu



Leung Ka Yan


Ko Sin Ying


Mo Siu Yin


Tam Yee Shan

Tang Yuen Man


Wong Hang Sau


Wong Ka Wing


Yuen Hiu Yan


Yuen Wai Yan


Yeung Chung Yin


Yung Kwun Yi

Leung Man Ting


Wong Wai Tung


Yong Thau Lip Vincent

2017 Onwards Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Trainer / Teacher Re-certification / Certification

Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Trainer Re-certification

Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Trainer Certification

Re-certification Criteria and Arrangements for Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Trainers

Previously certified (before End August 2017 issued) Hong Kong Brain-Based Trainers who wish to maintain valid recognition, one may apply for Re-certification from 01 September 2017 onwards. 


Coming Soon

Starting from March 2018, if the certification holder has not been re-certified within 3 years, he/she needs to re-engage in all the Hong Kong Brain-Based basic/initial workshops and assessments. 

The purposes of the re-certification is to ensure the Brain-Based Certified Trainer keeps abreast with most up-to-date Brain/Neuroscience research, Brain-Based Principles and Skillful Mastery of Brain-Based Lesson Design plus Delivery & Mentoring Approaches.

The Re-certification will be valid from issue date for 2 years. 

To attain Brain-Based Hong Kong (locally) certified Trainer Re-certification Criteria & Process:

1. Lesson Design and Delivery Class Visit

International Brain-Based Certified/Re-certificated Trainer(s) will visit to observe 1 lesson of the Hong Kong Certified Trainer who applies for recertification (abbreviation HKBBT-recert). The lesson being observed needs to include appropriate Brain-Based Strategies and be delivered to a regular class that the HKBBT-recert teaches.

After the lesson, the HKBBT-recert attends an oral exam session of 30-40 mins, where he/she will be asked by the International Brain-Based Trainer(s) the rationale of the lesson design, Brain-Based principles or Brain Mechanism that have been taken into account designing and delivering that lesson. Also assessing plus reflecting on the effectiveness or any modifications noted.

2. Lesson Observation, Evaluation and Coaching

The HKBBT-recert accompanies the International Brain-Based Trainer(s) to observe a lesson of a school teacher. After the lesson, the HKBBT-recert debriefs with the teacher being observed using Brain-Based Lesson Observation approaches, while the International certified / recertified Brain-Based Trainer(s) will sit alongside observing and assessing the HKBBT-recert debriefing approach in progress. Testing the HKBBT-recert lesson observation, evaluation and coaching approaches using Brain-Based perspectives and mentoring skills.

3. Continuous Support Colleagues in Brain-Based Mastery

The HKBBT-recert submits a recommendation letter written by a mentee of him/her, stating what are some of the significant coaching or mentoring aspects that the HKBBT-recert has supported the mentee to acquire related to Brain-Based Teaching and Learning Principles plus Strategies.

4. Continuous Updating and Promoting the Development of the Brain-Based Education

Within the 2 years recertification granted period, the HKBBT-recert publishes minimum 10 articles related to Brain-Based teaching and learning applications or theories in facebook, school website or newsletter, or IBME platform. Within each article, at least 1 referencing from up-to-date Brain related research.

Application for Re-certification

  • directly contact International Certified Brain-Based Trainers Mr. Ricky Chan or Dr. Anson Chen / IBME Executive Staff by email: [email protected]
  • Fee for Hong Kong Certified Trainer Re-certification is HK$4800.00 / US$630.00 (include one class visit or lesson observation re-take assessment

2004-2016 Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Trainer / Teacher Program (Valid till 2019-12-31)

3-Year Pilot 2004-2009

2004-2016 1 year or above

2012-2013 Master in Brain-Based and Thinking-Based Education

Creative Primary School
Lam Wing Yan, Edith
Kwok Lai Yung, Ruby
Chan Shuk Ching, Sarah
Lau Wai Yip
Ng Yuet Lan, Lydia


Ng Siu Mui Secondary School
Wu Lai Ming
Yau Shiu Ying, Amy
Chan Wai Fan

Creative Primary School
Kam Wai Yan
Onki Ko
Li So Yu


Hui Mei Shan, Iris
Poon Wing Bun
Tang Ping Yee
Ng Lai Kau
Chung Man Yee, Teresa

Man Kiu College
Tang Siu Man, Brain
Sung Yin Ling, Janis
Wong Yuk Ki, Alex

Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School
Chan Yuen Ching, Echo
Wong Chung Yeung, Gideon
Szeto Nin Choi, Jessie
Law Mei Chu
Cheung Yuen Chun
Chu Wai Yan, Eva
Yang Shun Shing, Joseph

Shun Fung Yu, Janet

LST Yu Kan Hing Secondary School
Sung Hoi Yan, Ivy
Wong Yee Suen

Association of Brain-Based Learning in Education
Liu Chi Ching

LCI Ho Tak Sum Primary School
Chow Man Lai, Emily

Meng Tak Catholic School
Chow Man Yan, Angel
Lee Yuen Yan
Wong Wai Ling, Angel

PLK Tin Ka Ping Millennium Primary School
Chan Kwan Ho, Crystal

LST Yu Kan Hing Secondary School
Ko Yuen Yi, Rebecca
Ip Choi Wan, Kendra

Pang Wai Sang

LCI Ho Tak Sum Primary School
Leung Ka Wah
Kwan Wing Ting
Tse Wing Ki
Lee Ka Ying

Law Chi Man, Calvin

Ng Po Fong
Yu Fung Ngor

Chan Chung Yin
Li Sze Sze, Alice
Tse Yan Wah, Sharon
Tang Kit Ling
Wong Suk Yan
Liu Ka Yan
Fong Tan Na
So Yee Wai
Wong Kit Ying

Meng Tak Catholic School
Mok Lai Mui

To Tsz Shan
Shum Hoi Yan
Fan Chung Yin, Jessica

Tang Yiu Wah
Fok Fung Chen, Helen
Yuen Ka Li

Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School
Lam Kwan Lai, Queeny

Wan Yuk Ching

Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School
Choi Chi Leung
Man So Shan
Wu Kin Yun
Wong Wing, Winnie

Yau Cheuk Man
Yip Ka Fai

Tsui Sheung Yeung

PLK Tin Ka Ping Millennium Primary School
Chan Yat Ping, Noele
Chong Yuen Ping, Marie

Leung Po Shan
Lai Siu Yuk Jessica
Lau Chau Yi, Tracy

Law Yuen Pui, Shirley
Amy, Verrall

Chung Tin Sang, Alan
Ho Wai Yung
Wong Wai Yin

Choi Wan St. Joseph’s Primary School
Ng Po Shan, Angel

Bishop Ford Memorial School
Yeung Yuen Yau

Ma Wai Leung, Micheal

Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College
Ng King Lin

SKH Tsoi Kung Po Secondary School
Wong Wing Yee

Ng Yeuk Wing
Tin Lok Ching
Kwan Yee Mai

Cheng Pui Chi
Cheung Wing Fung
Chan Ching Man
Lai Choi Hung

Sam Yuk Middle School
Ng Ka Wo

Cheng Sau Chun
Cheng Ka Wing
Kao Ham Fan
Ng Wai Cheung
Wong Wing Man
Seto Hong
Chung Tung Mui
Ng Man Chung
Tin, Ernest

Lo Yuk Fung, Alice

Man Kiu College
Kwong Hon Man

Tak Oi Secondary School
Cheung Hing Yan, Hensel

St. Mark’s Primary School
Choy Man Yuen

ECF Saint Too Canaan College
Tso Mei Kuen

Chang, Ian
Wong Yuk Wah
Mok Siu Wai
Lum Yu Po, Sylvia

Leung Shu Kei, Simon

Fuk Wing Street Government Primary School
Tse Yuk Lin

King’s College Old Boys’ Association Primary School No.2
Lam Shuk Fong

Man Kiu Association Primary School
Cheung Yin Fong, Ada
Cheng Wing Yee
Kwong Wing Sze

Tin Shui Wai Methodist College
Kwok Wai Tat

HKUGA Primary School
Leung Siu Wah

Wong Kwan Fong

Law Yuk Fan
Shaw Julia
Cheung Kin Lok
Choi Ming Fuk
Mak Yip Cheong
Tam Tung Wai
Yee Shuk Chun

Chan Qiu Yun

Wu Hiu Wing, Michelle
Li Ka Yan, Karen
Pang King Lun
Cheng Lo
Sarah Chan
Lok Wing Yee
Wong Wing Ying

Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Teacher Re-certification

Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Teacher Certification

Coming Soon

“Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Teacher” Certification Program

In order to meet the standard requirement/criterion of the “Brain Friendly” and “Brain Based” Schools Certification, schools need to have a certain proportion of teachers who have acquired the “Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Teacher” Certification. 

Further to provide channels for teachers and instructors who aspire to optimize their personal teaching skills, increase opportunities to be hired by schools that focus on the effectiveness of classroom teaching and learning, we have decided to offer the “Brain-Based Hong Kong Certified Teacher” Certification Program. Through this intensive Brain-Based Training process, enthusiastic teachers can greatly enhance their Brain-compatible teaching skills and master principles of neurological findings/cognitive neuroscience that guide the design and delivery of their pedagogy. Details are as follows:

Quota: 8 persons
Program Fee: HK$9800.00

Brain-Based Teaching & Learning Workshops and Lesson Observations Date:
(1) 21 Oct 2017 (Sat) – All-day skill review and practicum
(2) October to December 2017 (After work/school hours) – 2 times of classroom micro-skills analysis and assessment
(3) 20 Jan 2018 (Sat) – Experience sharing and advanced skills workshop
(4) February 2018 to April (After work/school hours) – 2 times of classroom micro-skills analysis and assessment
(5) 14 Apr 2018 (Sat) – Workshop on class discipline and analyzing ways to cater for diverse learning
(6) May to June 2018 – written and oral exam (Make up examination for each exam will be offered )
(7) May to June 2018 – 1 to 2 times of micro-skills analysis and assessment for teachers who need to escalate mastery of Brain-Based classroom teaching skills
(8) July 2018 – Certification Announcement and Award (The name, valid certified period and school name of the certified person will be uploaded to the website of “Institute of Brain and Mind Education” for education sector to verify)

Eligible candidates for enrollment:
(A) Attended the 3-days Brain-Based Initial Training provided by the “International Certified Brain-Based Training Instructor” within latest three years before application. (A Half price re-take discount will be offered for those who attended over three years, please check on www.ibme.com.hk for Summer Workshop)
(B) At least one year of continuous teaching in universities, secondary or primary schools, kindergartens or non-government organizations and education centers/institutes
(C) A letter of recommendation from a supervisor, colleague or parent to prove that the applicant is an enthusiastic teacher and willing to try different teaching strategies (one letter with no more than 100 words, must be signed by the recommended person with information of contact)

Application Procedures:
(I) Send the above information (a) – (c) together with the personal information (Chinese and English names, age, gender, current work and units, qualifications, major subjects and contact) and the reasons of applying to the personal email address of Mr. Ricky Chan ([email protected]) and also email to Institute of Brain and Mind Education ([email protected]) .

(II) Successful applicant will be notified by email and SMS, and HK$9800.00 be paid for the course fee to complete the application.

We need persons who are enthusiastic, thoughtful and with strong commitment to promote high quality Brain-Based Education together!

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