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    Dr. Anson’s Brainy English Songs 2016


Bronze Award - (foundation level)

Formulate inquiry questions into knowing, researching and deepening understanding about human brain & mind development.

Understand how different human brain parts function – e.g. how neurons connect, and the brain regions orchestrate to impact people’s emotion, memory, thinking, decisions & behaviour in different ways.

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Sliver Award - (Intermediate level)

Distinguish the basic core functions of Left and Right hemispheres of human brain – mid-brain and cortical layers.

Identify the negative effects on the deregulation of the concentration, attention and relaxation (stress level) abilities and the strategies for improvement.

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Gold Award - (Advanced level)

Apply effective semantic transformation strategies and techniques for cultivating high-order thinking to improve complex concepts mastery and ideas retrieval.

Delaying Gratification for Life-long achievements which is supported by brain research on Why and How such techniques enhance successes in future pursuits.Read more

Creative Primary School

Au Pak Man

Chan Sheung

Chan Ting Hei Danielle

Chow Tze Ching

De’eb Isabella Juliette Jacqueline

Ko Man Ying

Lam Chung Yee

Lee Jeston Chaz

Man Cheuk Wei

Ng Cheuk Laam

Ng Yuen Ching Crystal

Tse Zhena

Wong Pak Ho Jasper

Woo Yat Chin

Yung Marcus

Joint Campaign - 八達通產品及時尚飾物

MiMetro Jewelry 提供一系列嶄新、時尚、別具玩味並可隨意互換的配飾、鎖匙扣等,完美配合顧客每天不同的衣著和心情。 配飾可單獨配帶, 也可發揮創意, 與手袋甚至其他產品襯托使用。 MiMetro 八達通配飾是正式被授權認可的 《成人八達通產品》, 透過 MiMetro 產品系列顧客可感受到全新並時尚的消費體驗。 詳情 : 在 MiMetro 配飾的生產過程中, 我們加入了多種物料以提升設計及獨特性, 包括不銹鋼、醋酸纖維、皮革、牛仔布、水晶、貝母, 等等。 大膽使用不同的物料, 大大提高 MiMetro 配飾的可玩性。

MiMetro 提供以下「正義聯盟」產品 :

  • 「正義聯盟」系列八達通
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MiMetro 提供以下時尚掛飾產品 :

  • 八達通掛飾
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15/F, Block B, Tung Chong Factory Building, 653~659 King’s Road, Hong Kong